Specialist Simulation & Training Systems for Aviation

About Us

Micro Nav Ltd, formed in 1988 is a leading specialist company developing and supplying air traffic control (ATC) and fighter control simulators and training systems.

We have experience in ATC operations, systems design, software production, ATC training and simulator design and development. The core capabilities of the company are the provision of specialist ATC services; the development of software for ATC and aviation systems; and the production of high-performance simulators for development and training applications both civil and military.

In 2007 Micro Nav Ltd launched a unique 3D visual software suite that gives benefits to the designers and approvers of airports and airport enhancements. This suite enhances the fast-time simulation capabilities of BEST to deliver, for the first time, the capabilities of designing, evaluating and testing the air traffic operations of an airport as a working system.

Company History

Micro Nav Ltd was established in 1988 by the current Managing Director Mike Male and Director Fred Johnson (now retired). They are fully qualified air traffic controllers and private pilots and together they have more than forty years experience, having worked for the UK Civil Aviation Authority in all areas of civilian Air Traffic Control (ATC).

The first major product of Micro Nav Ltd was a very successful family of air traffic control training simulators called FIRST (Flexible Independent Radar Skills Trainer). FIRST satisfied a wide span of simulation needs from a stand-alone skills trainer to a range of networked procedural, radar and tower control simulation systems. FIRST systems were supplied to leading air traffic control organisations, both civil and military, around the world. Micro Nav Ltd provided the simulators with the necessary customisation, training and support services as FIRST became one of the world's leading products. Over 400 units in some 20 countries were in use by some 25 authorities.

Micro Nav Ltd also developed one of the first Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) systems to receive and display airborne position data transmitted via satellite. It was used in the South Pacific region ADS trials. 

In 1998, Micro Nav launched the new generation of ATC simulators called BEST. Designed to provide users with everything they need from 'Beginning to End for Simulation and Training'. BEST pioneered new software techniques and exploited the rapid advances in PC technologies to deliver new levels of affordability, versatility and realism.

BEST has exceeded the achievements of its predecessor with installations in over 35 countries used by over 70 users

BEST builds on Micro Nav's years of experience of producing ATC simulators for both civil and military authorities around the world. The approach and area radar control versions of BEST were produced in late 1998 and entered service in January 1999. The tower and ground control versions entered service in 2002, followed by the BEST simulation engines in 2003 which are able to stimulate real ATC systems giving maximum realism.

In 2007 Micro Nav launched Fast Airport Builder, a unique software tool that allows users to create their own 3D visual modes of airports.

Since its launch the BEST simulation software has been updated regularly to ensure it continues providing the flexibility and realism to meet the requirements of our customers. BEST continues to be updated to incorporate the latest advances in ATM such as ADS-B and CPDLC.  Find out more about the BEST ATC Simulation Suite.