Another successful BEST User Group

27 June 2019 Another successful BEST User Group

Micro Nav Limited held its annual BEST User Group in Warsaw earlier this month, attended by customers from around the world. This annual event is run for customers and end users of the BEST (Beginning to End for Simulation and Training) ATC simulation system, providing an opportunity for users to keep up-to-date with the latest BEST developments, feedback ideas for future developments, discuss best practices, as well as network  with other simulator users.

Alternating between Bournemouth and a customer site, this year’s event was hosted by Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and included a tour of their extensive training and operational facilities, as well as hands on demonstrations on the BEST simulator. Demonstrations included gate-to-gate, the latest BEST 3D image generator with new enhancements and updated 3D airport models, radar enhancements with updated FDP profiling with stimulated user interfaces, and the chance to use and provide feedback on the new pilot interface.


Mike Beddard, Deputy Watch Manager, ATCO and Unit Investigation Officer at Birmingham Airport commented: “It was a very well organised event that provides the opportunity to understand how the company and software is being developed to meet future training needs at all levels. It is also a great event to talk to other people from training organisations and ANSPs across the world to generate ideas on how to adapt simulations and training methods.” 


Next year’s BEST User Group, will be back in Bournemouth week commencing 8th June 2020.

Interested In Attending Future User Group Meetings? 

Why attend

The agenda of each User Group aims to cover a range of topics and sessions to benefit anyone who is directly involved in using the BEST simulator for training, design, research, testing, evaluation, or from an operational/business aspect. Attendees learn about the latest product updates and future plans, get company and departmental updates, and have the opportunity to meet other BEST users, share best practices, generate ideas, and benefit from networking.

Who should attend?

The BEST User Group is open anyone with a BEST simulator installation, including airports, air forces, training establishments, ANSPs and CAAs. Attendees range from business development personnel, instructors, ATCOs, engineers, simulator managers, and training managers.

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