ATC Training and Simulation Workshop at ATC Global Dubai

17 September 2015 ATC Training and Simulation Workshop at ATC Global Dubai

Micro Nav will be hosting a workshop in conjunction with Entry Point North and Airways New Zealand during next month’s ATC Global exhibition and conference in Dubai.

 As part of ATC Global’s free education program during the event in Dubai 5-7th October 2015, Micro Nav will be leading a Seminar Program on Air Traffic Control Training (ATC) and Simulation for the next generation of Controllers.

In conjunction with two industry partners, training academy Entry Point North and ANSP Airways New Zealand, the seminar will provide an insight into several key areas, including:

  • Air Traffic Control Simulation Procurement;
  • today’s ATC Simulation challenges;
  • ANSP challenges; solutions now and in the future.

Mike Male, Micro Nav’s ATM Director and Founder commented: “This workshop is an exciting opportunity for attendees to get a detailed insight into the challenges faced by ANSPs around staffing and training of ATCOs and what options are available to overcome these. Flanked by two expert industry partners, we will be able to address this topic from all angles.”

 The seminar will be taking place on the second day of the show, Tuesday 6th October 11.10 – 12.50 in the Seminar Theatre.

 If you are interested in attending this seminar or for further information about the seminar please contact