BEST Training

Training is a fundamental service that ensures you maximise the benefits of your BEST ATC simulator.

BEST 3D Create - 2nd December 2019

Come and learn how to build and modify your own airport and integrate it into the BEST simulator. Create your ground space and enhance your airport’s layout to get the maximum training value from your simulator using Fast Airport Builder. Learn how to use Scene Editor to build the environment around the airport, placing buildings and structures in 3D within the “what you see is what you get” editor. Create and practice with your airport’s future layout. Add forests, lakes, animated background traffic and much more…

3D Modelling - dates for 2020 coming soon

The newest training offering from Micro Nav. Learn how to create and integrate 3D models for the simulator using an open-source 3D computer graphics software tools with one of our highly qualified 3D Artists.  There are two flavours of this course, buildings & static models, and aircraft & vehicles.

Data Preparation & System Manager Refresher - dates for 2020 coming soon

Refresh your BEST Data Preparation knowledge. Refresh your knowledge and explore further some of the deeper areas of Data Preparation. Create airspace, exercises and weather efficiently with different ideas to suit your training outcome. Use scripting to enhance your simulation. Refresh your System Manager configuration knowledge and run the simulator.

Pseudo Pilot Training - dates for 2020 coming soon

Whether you are new to the BEST simulator or require a refresher course, have you considered the Pseudo Pilot training course?  Designed to take the user from the initial building blocks of piloting to running complex scenarios for single or multi-pilot simulations. The course also enters into the world of scenario scripting to enhance pilot capability and ensure effective, efficient simulation.

Bespoke training solutions are also available.

In all cases, the following attendee requirements apply:


  • Fluent in English.
  • Experienced user of computers and software applications.
  • Experienced user of the Windows operating system.

For the 3D Airfield Modelling and the 3D Aircraft Modelling courses the following are desirable:

  • Familiarity with a 3D modelling tool such as 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Sketchup, Modo, etc.
  • Familiarity  with a graphics package such as Photoshop, Paintshop, Gimp, etc.

Courses can be delivered at Micro Nav’s offices in Bournemouth or at the customer’s site.

For all enquiries, please contact