BEST ATC Simulation

BEST is an acronym which stands for Beginning to End for Simulation and Training and it has proved that it delivers all of that.

Micro Nav's BEST ATC simulation system is a scalable solution that addresses all ATC training requirements. The product takes three forms:

  • Radar, supporting approach and area training
  • Radar and 2D Tower, supporting approach and area training and additionally supports ground operations
  • Radar and 3D Tower, supporting approach and area training and additionally supports ground operation in a 3D visual environment.

The flexibility of the BEST ATC simulator allows the user to design exercises that support differing levels of training from ab-initio through rating and validation, as well as conversion, refresher and TRUCE training.

BEST for Flexibility

A BEST network can be configured to run two or more simulation exercises at the same time, allowing the user to perform a number of different training operations concurrently. Each exercise can be tailored for the target audience such as one-on-one, classroom or full-scope operation rooms (tower and/or radar).

Training exercises can be designed that focus on a particular skill or task. This provides a highly focused ATC training experience to reinforce the understanding of a particular skill or procedure.

A BEST ATC simulator can speed up Controller learning, effectiveness and qualification in a cost effective way. In addition, the BEST Simulation System provides a number of aids that assist in the training of the controller students. In particular, simulation lends itself to training for emergency events and disaster scenarios that it is not practical to replicate in the real world. BEST supports a number of emergency situations including undercarriage failure, explosions, fire and smoke, and collision events.

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BEST for Integrated Communications and Voice

The BEST integrated Communications System provides all the communication facilities for Controllers, Pilots, Supervisors and Instructors, including an option for Voice Recognition.

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BEST for Stimulation

Micro Nav has extensive experience of integrating its BEST product with operational equipment from leading ATC systems providers, in order to deliver future-proof, advanced training systems which provide the ultimate in realism for on-console training. The BEST stimulator interface uses industry standard formats, such as ASTERIX, RDIF and OLDI, as well as bespoke interfaces.

This approach provides an efficient method for keeping the ATC training equipment in step with developments in the operational system.

In addition to stimulating these established interfaces to OEM systems, Micro Nav can also stimulate other operational equipment in Tower simulation scenarios, such as operational EFPS systems or operational Lighting Panels.

The Interfaces match real world inputs and support a variety of message and interface types including:

  • Radar (tracks and plots)
  • AFTN
  • OLDI
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Bespoke interfaces for EFP systems; Airfield Lighting panels and ATC planning tools.

BEST for Airspace Data Configuration

The BEST system is data driven and accordingly provides a comprehensive data configuration application. The user has full flexibility when configuring the system settings for airspaces, simulation exercises and associated flight plans. In addition, the same configuration tool is used to define the physical characteristics and performance data for the aircraft and ground vehicles.

BEST for Airspace Evaluation and Testing

In addition to meeting all training requirements, the BEST system provides the facilities required for airspace design, testing and evaluation. New exercises and procedures can be tested and refined before being deployed in a training environment.

Fast Airport Builder (FAB) - Airport Creation Tool

The Fast Airport Builder tool is a unique modelling tool which allows the user to produce a model of an airfield quickly and efficiently. This tool is ideal for customers who have a number of airfield models to manage within their training portfolio, as changes to those underlying models can be completed by the customer in quick time.

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BEST Product Suite Video