BEST Tower

BEST Tower simulation systems are suitable for all tower training. In addition to an area surveillance display the 2D solution provides a plan view of the airfield and the associated hold points, stop bars and stands. It accurately maps the ground movements of aircraft and vehicles along the taxiways, aprons and runways. An underlying ATC model ensures realistic performance within the ground area. This includes rates of acceleration/deceleration, braking performance, engine start-up times, and correct take off interval based on wake vortex ratings. The 2D display is not simply a ground radar view of the airfield; it also displays airborne traffic flying the circuits configured for the airfield so that the ground controller has visibility of operations immediately above and in close proximity to the airfield. A touch screen lighting panel is used to control all lights on the airfield other than those on aircraft/vehicles and the apron floodlights.

The 3D solution provides a view from the tower out over the airfield. In its simplest form the display could be a single high definition flat screen display, and in its most complex form provides a 360° uninterrupted view from the tower using front or rear projection onto a polycarbonate screen. A multitude of solutions somewhere between the simplest and most complex offerings are available. This allows Micro Nav to supply the 3D solution that is precisely tailored to the customer's requirement.