BEST 3D Tower

The 3D tower trainer offers a highly realistic real world view of the airfield. The rich level of detail supports the following features:

Aircraft - Aircraft lighting, undercarriage and flap positions reflect the current flight phase. Arrester wire hooks and drag chutes can be deployed for appropriate aircraft. Fires, explosions and smoke can emanate from the engines, undercarriage or fuselage.

Airfield - Airfield lighting includes edge and centreline lights on taxiways and runways, approach lighting, stop bars, traffic lights and apron floodlights. Other airfield features include illuminated signs, windsocks, arrester wires and T-bars. Smoke and explosions can be sited on the airfield. Aerial imagery and topography are used to create realistic outlying areas. Textures can be applied to taxiways, runways and aprons to replicate the look of asphalt, concrete and tarmac.

Environmental - Moving fog banks, static fog, dust storms, rain, hail, sleet and snow, thunderclouds and associated sheet and fork lightning, time of day, time of year, wind, cloud layers, type of cloud and associated okta rating.

Emergency - Explosions, smoke and fire can be displayed together or individually at a number of positions on an aircraft or ground vehicle. Explosions can also be configured to occur at a user-defined position within the airfield. Landing gear elements can be failed in the up or down position and flaps can be failed in the 'in' or 'out' position. Where an aircraft is equipped with a drogue chute this equipment can be configured to fail on deployment. Runway overruns and collision events are also supported.

Models - The customer can select from a vast library of existing aircraft and ground vehicle models. The system includes tools to import 3D models or to generate new models and render skins on the external surfaces. Human and animal characters, flocks of birds, construction barriers, a variety of buildings, arrestor wire units, cones and associated obstacle lighting can all be placed on the airfield.

It is possible to display a picture-in-picture view of a selected aircraft. Tracking of the aircraft can be manual or automatic. It is also possible to display the view from the cockpit and from the sides and rear of a selected aircraft which can be used to provide debriefing feedback.

It is also possible to export the image files and edit them using any third party graphics application to generate a new livery. The altered image can be imported and used in the simulator in addition to the original source image.

Image Generator

The Imagine image generation system is fully integrated with the advanced BEST ATC tower simulator and Fast Airport Builder (FAB). BEST drives all of the selections and dynamic effects through the Visual Gateway.

The image generator is placed in the mainstream development path of the latest 3D graphics cards for PCs. When new graphics cards come on to the market, it will be both easy and affordable for the BEST user to upgrade and reap the benefits of increased performance, thereby future proofing the BEST visual sub-system.

A video and gallery of images are available at