10th September 2020

ATM Director joins CANSO Task Force

Our ATM Director, Chris Foster, joins CANSO’s new Operational Training Task Force, providing expertise in ATC training and simulation.Chris Foster ATM Director joins CANSO Task Force

Earlier this year, CANSO created the Operational Training Task Force (OTTF) to provide a forum for global collaboration on best practices in ATM recruitment, selection and training, as well as to explore current and future trends, and possible advocacy requirements.

Chris acts as a focal point for all ATM-related matters and maintains close links with external ATC organisations and our customers to ensure the BEST ATC simulation solution is in line with real-world expectations.

Chris completed 30 years as a RAF ATC officer, qualified as tower, area, instructor, and examiner. He was part of the joint civil/military team that designed the controller interfaces for the Swanwick ATC Centre and commanded the military unit for the transfer of operations and first operational years. He later worked for NATS as the Senior Manager responsible for the Swanwick en-route and London Terminal operations.

His experience in both the operational civil and military ATC environment, along with his involvement in training and simulation, will support CANSO’s objective to share best practices and promote adherence to these by CANSO Members, whilst investigating future trends and supporting advocacy efforts.

“I am delighted to be able to join my fellow industry experts in this task force, to share experiences and collaborate on future best practices in ATC simulation and training”, said Chris.

We recently partnered with CANSO to support CANSO Member ANSPs help air traffic controllers around the world maintain their competence and confidence, by making the full capabilities of the BEST ATC radar and tower simulator available as a cloud-based tool.