BEST air traffic control ATC simulator

ATC Simulator

BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training, is the single-solution air traffic control simulator designed by controllers for controllers to enable you to achieve your simulation goals.

BEST provides a high-fidelity simulation solution for aerodrome/tower, en-route/area and approach controller. It can support your simulation needs whether for testing, research, development, evaluation, or training, either as stand-alone unit or integrated with your operational ATC equipment. It is fully scalable and accessible via the Cloud with BEST Remote.

With the addition of BEST Insights you can now enrich your simulation, by accessing all underlying data to provide metrics for training, operational, safety and environmental use.  Insights will better inform your business from students, controllers, operational managers to senior management.

BEST offers you a full turnkey air traffic control simulation solution with all the tools to enable you to maximise your investment, and is supported through Micro Nav’s comprehensive catalogue of inclusive services.


View each BEST product icon for an overview of each and to download the relevant datasheet. Contact our team to discuss how the BEST simulator can support you in achieving your specific goals.

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