BEST 3D can be part of the BEST Tower and BEST Defence options, providing an extension into the 3D tower environment.

Developed exclusively for the ATC simulation market, the functionality and features of the image generator exceed all major ATC image generator packages.

The image generator gives a feature-rich, realistic and immersive 3D training environment allied to a number of deployment solutions for both flat panel and projected system solutions.


BEST is Customisable.


BEST is Scalable.


BEST is Flexible.
  • Edit configuration files to customise the environment.
  • Create and modify airfields with BEST 3D Create tools.
  • Change scale factors based on wake vortex category to identify aircraft at distance.
  • Support any number of channels.
  • Train on small local airports up to large international airports.
  • Run multiple airfields on a single system.
  • Dynamically change the field-of-view with integrated tools.
Reflections in the 3D airfield scene


Aircraft, ground and building textures provide impressive reflections, creating a realism not seen in other ATC 3D image generators.


The BEST 3D physics engine provides accurate depictions of aircraft and ground vehicles, including:

  • Rotating nose wheel on taxi
  • Pitch, bank, rotate and flare angles, based on customisable performance data
  • Flap states depending on flight phase
Aircraft Flaps Realistic Physics
Micro Nav Display Systems Projected 3D Tower ATC Simulator

tower display systems

BEST 3D provides advanced high-definition 3D tower display systems that are tailor-made for the needs of ATC simulation. The design capability broadens the product portfolio to include the supply of integrated display solutions that incorporate curved screens, and high resolution projectors with automatic alignment.

BEST 3D is part of the BEST Tower and BEST Defence options, providing an extension into the 3D Tower environment.

Key Benefits

With in-house design capabilities, Micro Nav has the expertise to design and deliver a complete 3D Tower training system.

  • Projected display systems
    • Ultra high-resolution LED and laser technology
    • Segmented or curved cylindrical tower cab
  • Monitor display systems
    • Support for UHD (4K)
    • Portrait or landscape configurations
  • IG Manager
    • Geometric correction
    • Dynamic field-of-view
    • Central monitoring & control
  • Award-winning ADAS
    • Automated display alignment
    • Precise geometric correction
    • Smooth soft-edge blending
    • Matches brightness & colour across all projectors
    • Fast alignment process
    • No need for specialist skills

A 3D Tower Display solution for all needs. These needs range from a single trainee sat in front of a number of monitors, all the way to a replica tower cab, housing multiple controllers.

  • From a single-user monitor up to a 360° cylindrical projected system
  • Ability to split a single large 3D display into multiple systems
  • Add additional screens and channels to increase the physical system size.
  • Use of an in-house team to design and deliver a complete 3D tower training system
Design Capability

Using purpose-built tools for ATC tower simulator designs, the system configuration and parameters can be viewed and adjusted to meet any requirement.

  • Designed to fit any room dimension
  • Choose from a range of technologies to meet budgets or requirements
Enhanced Viewing

Modify the system parameters dynamically to suit training or airport requirements.

  • Adjust field-of-view
  • Change the design eye-point for the optimal picture
Tower Display Systems Field-of-View

Additional Features

  • Realistic weather conditions, including snow accumulation and sandstorms
  • Animated background traffic
  • Animated aircraft surfaces
  • Support for over 100 models per channel
  • Emergency scenarios
  • Accurate lighting, shadows and reflections
  • Rotating nose wheels
  • Day/night transitions
  • Over 1700 aircraft models


Micro Nav’s BEST ATC simulation system
is a scalable solution for multiple purposes
including testing, research, development,
evaluation, as well as training.

BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation
and Training, is a single-solution ATC simulator.

It comes complete with Tower and Radar
capability and meets requirements for
civil and military applications.


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