BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training, is the single-solution air traffic control simulator designed by controllers for controllers to enable you to achieve your simulation goals.

BEST DEFENCE is the Military and Air Battle Management solution and is trusted by military organisations and joint civil-military users, including a number of NATO countries.

The BEST DEFENCE simulator gives you military ATC procedures and capabilities, with functions including visual circuits, automated flame out procedures and comprehensive formation functionality for different shapes, sizes and take-off/landing techniques.

It provides a flexible training tool for air battle managers, from basic intercept control, through to transition-to-war scenarios, including shipborne operations such as recovery of aircraft and helicopters to a moving ship, anti-submarine warfare techniques and moving map radar displays, with both relative and true motion.



Train your controllers to a high standard before commencing on-the-job conversion training and benefit from a range of features, including Precision Approach Radar, with full control in defining your military procedures.

Ensure controller currency at your military airfield during long periods of relative inactivity, particularly with unusual situations hard to train in the live environment.

Upon re-establishing an operating base at a remote airfield location, create airfields with a full set of proposed operating procedures in the simulator that can be used for evaluation and training of controlling staff before embarkation, saving a lot of time and effort in the operational theatre.

Conduct Air Battle Manager training ranging from intercept controllers, to full-scale wargaming scenarios including automated attacking forces with variable behaviours and a Recognised Air Picture display for the simulation of air defence scenarios.



Benefit from Micro Nav’s long standing experience of providing simulation into military and joint military-civil organisations.

For more detailed information on BEST DEFENCE, download the datasheet and contact our team to discuss how the BEST simulator can support you in achieving your specific goals.

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Micro Nav’s BEST ATC simulation system is a scalable solution for multiple purposes, including testing, research, development, evaluation, as well as training.

BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training, is a single-solution ATC simulator.

It comes complete with Tower and Radar capability, and meets requirements for civil and military applications.

Paired with BEST INSIGHTS it can enrich simulation with data and unlock the hidden value of simulation.