BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training, is the single-solution air traffic control simulator designed by controllers for controllers to enable you to achieve your simulation goals.

BEST RADAR provides you with surveillance and procedural capabilities for area and approach control. It can emulate numerous adjacent sectors and FIRs supporting en-route operations, providing you with all the tools you need to create scenarios to train controllers of all abilities.



Choose from stimulation, or integrated simulation – bespoke interfaces to link your operational workstations, emulation – recreating your operational system in a simulated environment, or simulation – using representative generic displays and features rather than attempting to replicate a specific ATM system.

Whether you are looking to increase your success rate for controller training, want to offer simulation as a commercial venture, want a realistic training platform for regulatory approval, or need a tool to support your refresher and local procedure training, the modular BEST architecture will enable you to achieve your goals.

As well as training, BEST is designed to provide value and efficiencies to your ATM research and development activities and can be used for evaluating new procedures and processes. Updates and airspace changes can be tested in a safe and controlled way, removing the need to test in the live, operational environment, which could result in disruptions and delays.

It will enable you to conduct onsite controller training from ab-initio through to validation, as well as refresher training, including assessment in abnormal and emergency situations (ABES).



BEST RADAR offers you a full turnkey air traffic control simulation solution that maximises your investment and is supported through Micro Nav’s comprehensive catalogue of inclusive services.

Want to access your radar simulator remotely, share resources with another unit, or don’t have the space for a physical simulator set up on site? Discover how BEST Remote can provide you with full access to simulation capabilities via the Cloud.

For more detailed information on BEST RADAR, download the datasheet and contact our team to discuss how the BEST simulator can support you in achieving your specific goals.

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Micro Nav’s BEST ATC simulation system is a scalable solution for multiple purposes, including testing, research, development, evaluation, as well as training.

BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training, is a single-solution ATC simulator.

It comes complete with Tower and Radar capability, and meets requirements for civil and military applications.

Paired with BEST INSIGHTS it can enrich simulation with data and unlock the hidden value of simulation.