BEST Radar

BEST Radar provides both radar and procedural capabilities for approach and area control.

Used for all types of training, from ab-initio through to refresher, validation and TRUCE, BEST Radar provides all features expected from a leading ATC simulator.

BEST Radar can be enhanced with BEST Talk, BEST Speech, BEST Defence and BEST Link, and, in conjunction with BEST Tower can provide integrated tower and radar training.


BEST is Customisable.


BEST is Scalable.


BEST is Flexible.
  • A choice of controller displays, including FDP and PAR
  • Offline-configurable FDP label editor
  • Powerful scripting tools reduce staffing and give easy simulation of special local procedures
  • Full suite of data preparation programs with visualisation tools
  • Change aircraft performance data
  • Edit electronic and paper flight strip layouts
  • Change workstation configuration and role selection
  • Create any number of airspaces or exercise scenarios
  • Run multiple simultaneous scenarios
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Integrated audio communications and recording with synchronised playback, plus resume
BEST Radar Exercise Data Preparation

Data Preparation

The Data Preparation suite gives users full control over their data:

  • Create airspace maps with airways, airfields, fixes, etc.
  • Create airspace procedures, including SIDs and STARs
  • Create exercises based on flight plans
  • ARINC 424 data importer
  • Script scenarios to reduce load on pseudo pilots
  • View exercise without running the simulator
  • Modify aircraft and vehicle performance data
  • ASTERIX and AFTN data importer


Comprehensive selection of FDP features:

  • Integrated CPDLC capability between controller displays and pseudo pilot HMI
  • Arrivals Manager (AMAN)
  • Script scenarios to reduce load on pseudo pilots
  • Simulated OLDI capabilities for managing coordination and transfer of control between adjacent sectors and FIRs
  • Dynamically group/ungroup sectors during an exercise
  • FDP alerts such as APW, STCAs and ACAS
FDP Radar Display
BEST student reporting


BEST Radar comes complete with additional applications to allow for further customisation of simulation scenarios:

  • Record and replay full exercises, with the ability to synchronise with BEST Talk audio
  • Student reporting for post-exercise analysis of student performance
  • Instructor role to view and manipulate running exercises
  • Instantaneous self-assessment tool to provide feedback on workload
  • At-the-glass recording of displays

Additional Features

  • i4D and ADS-C
  • AMAN
  • ADS-B and MLAT surveillance
  • FDP alerts, including APW, STCA, MSAW, AIW, ACAS
  • Tactical controller tools: Segregated area probe, radar vector probe, state vector probe, missed manoeuvre probe
  • Time-based separation tool
  • Electronic flight progress strips


Micro Nav’s BEST ATC simulation system
is a scalable solution for multiple purposes
including testing, research, development,
evaluation, as well as training.

BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation
and Training, is a single-solution ATC simulator.

It comes complete with tower and radar
capability and meets requirements for
civil and military applications.


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