BEST Tower

BEST Tower
is the ATC tower training and simulation solution from Micro Nav, providing simulation, emulation and stimulation capabilities.

BEST Tower is the fully-featured single solution for tower environments. It comes complete with 2D tower capability and is enhanced in the 3D environment with BEST 3D and BEST 3D Create.

BEST Tower can be further enhanced with BEST Talk, BEST Speech, BEST Defence and BEST Link, and in conjunction with BEST Radar can provide integrated tower and radar training.


Remote Digital Towers (RDT) are in operation in locations throughout the world, with interest in the technology recently accelerating.

Download our whitepaper to discover how ATC simulation can support your transition to RDT operations.



BEST is Customisable.


BEST is Scalable.


BEST is Flexible.
  • A choice of GMR displays
  • Change GMR shapes through the Shape Editor tool
  • Change Lighting Control display look & feel through a supplied tool
  • Powerful scripting tools reduce staffing and give easy simulation of special local procedures
  • Full suite of data preparation programs with visualisation tools
  • Change aircraft and vehicle performance data
  • Change workstation configuration and role selection
  • Create any number of airspaces or exercise scenarios
  • Run multiple simultaneous scenarios
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Support for multiple tower viewpoints
  • Integrated audio communications and recording with synchronised playback plus resume
BEST Data Preparation Training

Data Preparation

The Data Preparation suite gives users full control over their data:

  • Create airspace maps with airways, airfields, fixes, etc.
  • Create airspace procedures, including SIDs and STARs
  • Create libraries of flight plans to build exercises flexibly
  • Script scenarios to reduce load on pseudo pilots
  • View exercise without running the simulator
  • Modify aircraft and vehicle performance data

Pseudo Pilot Features

Powerful pseudo pilot commands for air and ground operations, through an intuitive and efficient interface:

  • Automatic route generation
  • Ground routing using width restrictions, one-way points and preferred routes
  • Instantly create an emergency
  • Ability to force aircraft through obstructions
  • Define a route by clicking along a route on the pilot 2D display, or typing the route into the HMI
GMR Ground Map Routing
Airfield Map Editor

Supporting Tools

BEST Tower comes complete with additional applications to allow for further customisation of simulation scenarios:

  • Modify the GMR map layout using the Map Editor tool
  • Change aircraft target shapes on the GMR through the Shape Editor
  • Record and replay full exercises, with replay including synchronised 3D display
  • Create customised lighting panels that automatically link to the 3D scene
  • BEST 3D Create provides additional tools to change the 3D scene

Additional Features

  • Combined tower and ground operations
  • Realistic airfield 3D scenes
  • Realistic aircraft and vehicle behaviour
  • Tower FDP functionality
  • Several GMR displays, including ASMGCS
  • Electronic flight progress strips (EFPS)
  • Ground conflict detection
  • Lighting control display
  • Fully-featured 3D editors


Micro Nav’s BEST ATC simulator
is a scalable solution for
multiple purposes, including
testing, research, development,
evaluation, as well as training.

BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation
and Training, is a single-solution ATC simulator.

It comes complete with tower and radar
capability and meets requirements for
civil and military applications.


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