User Group

With the purchase of a BEST simulator, you join the BEST user community.

Micro Nav runs an annual event for its customers and end users, the BEST User Group. This three-day event brings together BEST users from around the world, hosted by a team of Micro Nav experts, providing a highly-focussed and informative forum.

It is an opportunity for users to learn about the latest developments of the BEST ATC simulation software, future plans, project updates, meet and network with other BEST users, share experiences, and discover best practices. The location of the BEST User Group alternates between Bournemouth and a customer site, enabling attendees to have access to a wider range of Micro Nav experts, or visit a different BEST installation to their own. It has become an invaluable part of Micro Nav’s ongoing emphasis on building strong business relationships with its customers.

Customers in support are offered a free place to attend. Terms and Conditions apply.


Micro Nav runs an annual event for users of the BEST simulator – the BEST User Group. This is a popular event which brings together customers and end users from around the world.

It provides attendees with the opportunity to meet other users of the BEST simulator, share best practices and benefit from networking opportunities.


The BEST User Group alternates between Micro Nav’s home town of Bournemouth, UK, and a customer site. In 2023, the event was held at the RNLAF Polaris ATC Training Centre near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Attending a Bournemouth event gives attendees the opportunity to meet more of the Micro Nav team in 1-2-1 sessions to discuss topics relating to their simulator. A customer site offers the opportunity to tour an operational installation of the BEST simulator. Any customer can apply to host a BEST User Group.


The BEST User Group is open to anyone with a BEST simulator installation.

The agenda of each User Group aims to cover a range of topics and sessions to benefit anyone who is directly involved in using the BEST simulator for training, design, research, testing, evaluation, or from an operational/business aspect.

BEST OF 2022


BEST customers from around the world attended the 3-day event, using the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest BEST developments, feedback ideas for future developments, discuss best practices, as well as network with other simulator users.


What does the event agenda include?

Each User Group, whether in Bournemouth or at a customer site, will include a mix of standard agenda items that regular attendees expect and value, as well as new agenda items to keep the event interesting and new.

How do I get there?

Each attendee is responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs of travelling to and from the User Group venue. We are happy to provide advice and assistance where possible.

How long is the event?

The User Group normally takes place over the course of three days, although the schedule for each event may vary from year to year.

Can I get a product demo?

A product demo often forms part of the User Group agenda. If there is anything specific a delegate wishes to see whilst they attend, all efforts will be made to support this request.

Do I have to be in a support contract?

The User Group is open to all customers and end users of the BEST simulation system. As part of the support contract, free and subsidised places are offered. Customers not in a support contract are subject to a different fee structure.

Do I need to arrange my own accommodation?

All accommodation will be organised for the delegate. Special rates will be negotiated with the hotel for attendees wishing to arrive before or stay on after.



"It's a good opportunity to see more advanced features than in an operational room - in some cases, possibilities to exchange experience with others, not only as simulator user, but as a trainer; to discuss with open-minded people; to raise a question; give suggestions. The organisation of the event was at the highest level - Micro Nav people were very polite and helpful, even in cases beyond their obligations. I appreciate that!"


"Come along, participate and stay for the whole event and you will get a lot out of it. It's always a big event on my calendar. You all feel like family and I genuinely look forward to attending. The industry could learn a lot from what you are doing. Keep it up!"

Matt Clark, East Midlands Airport

"I always learn something new of BEST at every User Group."

Sameer Akbar, Oman Aircraft Control College

"The thing I like about attending the conferences is the ability to talk to other users of the sim and find out how they are progressing with it. I enjoy the presentations given by the different Micro Nav departments and it's great to catch up with everyone from the Micro Nav team. Don't miss out. It really is worth attending. Excellent company updates with details of what is in store for the year ahead."

Darren Kewley-Smith, Liverpool Airport

"Do it. It is a relaxed and friendly way to meet other users and learn what developments are in the pipeline and how you can make the most of your simulator. In particular, how the quickly changing simulator systems can improve the efficiency and quality of your training programme, and strengthen the skills and develop your experienced ATCOs through refresher training."

Kenton Lock, Liverpool Airport

"The BEST User Group is very good for networking. You will also find other users of the BEST simulator are happy to help with your question, and give you pointers and advice on various aspects of the simulator."

Graham Hocquard, Ports of Jersey

"The User Group is a place where I go to stay in touch with Micro Nav experts, as well as other BEST users, in order to exchange knowledge and experience with BEST, in a friendly and relaxed environment."

Martin Karner, Austrocontrol

"The event gives our industry an opportunity to discuss current and future developments that will meet our requirements in an ever-changing industry. It gives us all the opportunity to network with our counterparts from all over the world and to be able to share experiences. I would highly recommend attendance as you will get a lot out of it."

Paul Kay, East Midlands Airport

"This was our first year at the User Group and we both felt that we learnt far more than we expected to. The Meet the Expert was an excellent way to allow us to ask specific questions about our unit and the way we use the simulator. The networking between different customers gave us a lot to think about how and what we could do with regard to our simulator. They were also extremely helpful in giving advice if they had already completed a project that we were just starting out on. The presentations were interesting and fuelled with information. Overall, we came away inspired and confident with what we would be able to achieve with our simulator."

Clare Overton, Birmingham Airport

"Attending the BEST User Group gives the end user invaluable industry-leading support, whilst being able to share ideas with the company and other BEST users."

Dale Bishop, East Midlands Airport

"You won't be disappointed! Thank you very much for another excellent BUG. It never disappoints!"

Paul Kelly, Ports of Jersey

"I learnt a lot, from not only Micro Nav, but from other users of the sim. For my first event, I found that BUG was very well organised and I had the chance to learn a lot of new information. This has made my running of the sim a lot easier. Thank you to the team."


"See the future of BEST and talk about the future of your product with the company and users."

Erik Wanschers, Royal Netherlands Air Force

“After three days of panels, discussions and exchanges with fellow BEST users, we not only have the feeling that our understanding of the product got better, but because of the friendly and uncomplicated atmosphere we also feel that our wishes for future development is being heard and understood. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Micro Nav for organizing a truly outstanding event.”

Alex Arlow, Austrocontrol