1st December 2020

Micro Nav delivers BEST training courses remotely

Remote training courses

The adoption of working remotely has increased globally since the start of the pandemic. Micro Nav shifted the majority of its staff to working remotely in line with government guidelines during March, and continues to do so. To support its customer base, Micro Nav moved its product training onto a virtual platform and has been delivering a range of training sessions to its user community remotely.

A range of sessions have been covered including;

  • Data Preparation; users covered best practices in creating airspaces, exercises and weather, including the use of powerful scripting, to meet their desired training outcome
  • Flight Data Processing; using BEST functionality, users learnt how to create and run FDP airspaces, including how to enable and use different safety-nets and the latest FDP functionality
  • BEST 3D Create; users created, updated and amended airport models in the BEST simulator, creating users’ own ground space and enhancing their airport layouts

Here is what some of our customers had to say:

Having very little grasp of how to use scripts prior to the remote training session meant our busier sim exercises were somewhat cumbersome and demanded a lot from the sim operator in order to keep up with the required control inputs and liaison calls.  Once the use of scripting was explained and a couple of vital examples given during our training session, we amended our exercises in Data Preparation so that control inputs could be programmed to take place automatically, easing the burden on the pseudo pilot and making exercise aircraft arrival, departure and transit profiles much more realistic.” (Warton ATC, UK)

“It is great that individual pseudo pilots talk to the experts to get the answers from them. Getting to know the product better, the BEST simulator amazes us with new things we didn’t know about, like using complex approach as an example.” (Sheikh Zayed Centre, GCAA, UAE)

“I found the training session I had very beneficial. The team at LBA are picking up knowledge of the sim quickly and applying it to further improve what we can offer to ATCOs, especially in these times of low traffic levels. Being able to discuss multiple different aspects of the sim that LBA wanted to focus on was advantageous.” (Leeds Bradford Airport, UK)

So whether they have a new member joining the team to take on the management of the simulator, have a need to refresh team member’s knowledge of the simulator, want to understand new features and functionality, train new pseudo pilots,  wish to enhance your simulation with the latest FDP features, or for anything else, Micro Nav is there to help and support, so contact us on to discuss your requirements.