12th January 2021

Micro Nav shortlisted for the 2020 ATM Awards

Micro Nav has been shortlisted for the 2020 ATM Awards in the category of Enabling Technology, which recognises a significant contribution to enhance capacity and/or increase safety.

Global restrictions to air traffic, imposed to slow the spread of COVID-19, threw the aviation industry into turmoil, impacting ANSPs, airports and training establishments, including the provision of safety critical training.

Recognising the need for technology that enables its customers to continue their training, Micro Nav developed an extension to its existing BEST (Beginning to End for Simulation and Training) ATC simulation platform, making it accessible to its worldwide customer base from anywhere at any time via the Cloud.

With the continued drop in air traffic putting a huge financial strain on ANSPs, Micro Nav offered this technology for free to CANSO’s ANSP members, enabling them to access the capabilities of radar and tower simulation.

Having access to ATC simulation capabilities via the Cloud ensures that training can take place from anywhere at any time. It enables organisations to re-introduce or continue enhanced safety critical training, including training for abnormal and emergency situations, pre-OJT and ‘importantly’ training at pre-COVID traffic levels. Organisations are no longer restricted in capacity to conduct training, as this can be done remotely.

For ANSPs it has provided a solution to return to much valued training, or, in some cases, offered an opportunity to access simulation for training for the first time. Accessed via any standard PC with an internet connection, controllers are able to maintain their core skills with busy traffic situations, to refresh their skills which will inevitably have faded, and to regain the confidence of managing much higher traffic loads safely as air traffic slowly increases.

As a specialist developer of simulation software since 1988, Micro Nav quickly identified how a change to their standard technology would enable the industry to enhance training capacity and contribute to increased safety through continued ATCO training at high traffic levels. The company’s vision is to make a positive difference to the world through simulation, so the impact of the pandemic led to Micro Nav making amendments to their existing software and very quickly enabled the full capabilities of their tower and radar ATC simulator to be available in the Cloud.

Micro Nav joins a number of industry organisations shortlisted in the category of Enabling Technology with the winner due to be announced at a virtual award session later next month.

For further information on ATC simulation capabilities via the Cloud, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.