30th July 2020

Successful delivery of Saab-contracted ATC Tower simulator at ANWS in Taiwan

ATC Tower at ANWS

Micro Nav delivered a 360° 3D ATC simulator to Taiwan Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS), including full integration with the Saab Integrated ATC Suite (I-ATS) operational system.

Saab contracted Micro Nav to provide the 360° 3D tower simulator for ANWS, Taiwan’s ANSP, including a two-year warranty period. The new simulator was required to support the movement of ATC operations from the old Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport tower, to the new tower. This included stimulating the latest Saab I-ATS system, allowing Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) to train on the new system in a high-fidelity, non-operational environment.

ATC simulator at Taiwan Air Navigation and Weather Services

The solution provides the capability to perform ATCO training on the Saab I-ATS controller working positions, while presenting the simulated out-the-window tower view.

Micro Nav’s Beginning to End for Simulation and Training (BEST) software provides simulated traffic, while enabling pseudo pilots the ability to control aircraft and vehicles.

“Since installation, the simulator has already proven to be invaluable, enabling us to familiarise our ATC trainees with procedures and the operational environment easily and swiftly, and strengthen our operational ATCOs’ ability and response in handling various scenarios including adverse weather and emergency situations. We also utilise the simulator as a means to assess, evaluate and refine operational procedures before implementation”, said Chen Wen-Te, Chief of Taipei Tower at ANWS, Taiwan.

Throughout the warranty period, ANWS Taiwan have access to the highest level of support and services from our team of experts, plus additional product training courses to maximise the range of features, as well as an invitation to the annual user event.

BEST is Micro Nav’s single-solution ATC simulator. The delivered products include BEST Tower, BEST 3D, BEST Link, and BEST 3D Create to enable ANWS Taiwan staff to create and update their own airfields. The 360° 3D tower solution includes Micro Nav’s award-winning Automatic Display Alignment System (ADAS), which aligns the projected display automatically, removing the need for third parties or specialist staff.

Richard Bonner, Operations Director at Micro Nav, said: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with ANWS Taiwan and Saab on this project. The level of collaboration and professionalism throughout was fantastic.”