Founded by two air traffic controllers, Micro Nav has extensive experience in civil and military ATC, providing its BEST simulation products 'for controllers, by controllers'.

All capabilities now available for Cloud-based remote working with BEST Remote.


Micro Nav’s BEST ATC simulation system is a scalable solution for multiple purposes, including testing, research, development, evaluation, as well as training.

BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training, is a single-solution ATC simulator.

It comes complete with Tower and Radar capability, and meets requirements for civil and military applications.

Paired with BEST INSIGHTS it can enrich simulation with data and unlock the hidden value of simulation.


BEST Customer Services Support


When choosing Micro Nav, not only are you getting a world-leading product, you also get the highest level of care and service.

Choose from one of our tiered support packages, ensuring that we can assist you with whatever scale of BEST simulation you have.

The support package keeps your software up-to-date and allows you the flexibility of growing your simulator in line with your business needs.

BEST Training


You will benefit from the experience of our team of experts when learning how to use your chosen suite of BEST simulation products.

You and your team will be taught the skills, and be given the confidence, to bring your ATC simulator into operation within your required time frame.

Training courses focusing on specific areas are available throughout the year to support ongoing training, or bespoke courses can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

BEST User Group


When purchasing a BEST simulator, you join the BEST community.

Every year, we invite our BEST customers and end users to the BEST User Group conference, alternating between the UK and a customer location.

The user group conference provides you with the opportunity to meet and network with other users, share ideas and experiences, learn from the Micro Nav team of experts, and receive product and company updates.

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