BEST User Group

Discover the BEST User Group – an annual Micro Nav event uniting BEST simulator users for knowledge sharing, networking, and shaping the future of ATC simulation.

The BEST User Group, hosted annually by Micro Nav, is a dynamic event designed to bring together users of the BEST simulator suite from across the globe. This gathering serves as a critical forum for sharing insights, exploring the latest software developments, and discussing future enhancements. It's a unique opportunity for users to connect, share best practices, and directly influence the evolution of the BEST ATC simulation technology. Alternating between Micro Nav's home in Bournemouth and various international customer sites, each event offers a fresh perspective and invaluable networking opportunities.

Hear from our attendees

  • Attending the entire event is highly beneficial. It's like a family reunion, and the industry could learn a lot from it.

    User Circle

    Matt Clarke

    East Midlands Airport

  • Every User Group teaches me something new about BEST.

    User Circle

    Sameer Akbar

    Al Zaeem Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Attiya Air Academy

  • It's enlightening to discuss with other users and learn from Micro Nav's presentations. Great to catch up with the team.

    User Circle

    Darren Kewley-Smith

    Liverpool Airport

  • It’s a chance to discuss the industry's future needs and network globally. Highly recommend attending.

    User Circle

    Dale Bishop

    East Midlands Airport

  • The User Group is a chance to discuss product futures and network, offering valuable insights.

    User Circle

    Erik Wanschers

    Royal Netherlands Air Force

  • The panels and discussions improved our product understanding in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to Micro Nav for an outstanding event.

    User Circle

    Alex Arlow

    Austro Control

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the User Group?

You'll need to sort out your travel to and from the venue, but we're here to help with advice and suggestions!

How long is the event?

It's a three-day learning and networking experience. The exact schedule might change each year, as we adapt to keep the delivery of content fresh and engaging.

Can I see a product demo?

Absolutely. We often include demos in our agenda. Got something specific in mind? Let us know, and we'll try to make it happen.

Do I need to be on a support contract to attend?

We welcome every end user of our technologies. If you're on a support contract, there are some great free or discounted spots available.

Do I need to arrange accommodation?

We've got your stay covered. We arrange the accommodation and even negotiate special rates if you plan to extend your visit.

BEST User Group 2023

It was great to see many of our customers in person at the 2023 BEST User Group in Amsterdam. It was a fantastic venue and a very successful event. We hope it has helped to enrich your BEST user experience.

Looking ahead to the 2024 BEST User Group, we wanted to share a recap of 2023's event, which can be downloaded below.

Download 2023 Recap
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Interested in the BEST User Group?

Whether you're keen to know more about our next event, have specific questions about attendance, or just want to chat about what to expect, our team is ready to assist. Drop us a message, and we'll ensure you have all the information you need for an engaging and informative experience.