The BEST solution for Military Organisations

Advanced military air traffic control simulation

Elevate your military training to new heights with Micro Nav's BEST simulator suite. Designed for precision and adaptability, our solution transcends traditional training, offering a dynamic platform that mirrors real-world military aviation scenarios. Embrace the future with a system engineered for detailed, immersive experiences, equipping your personnel with the skills and knowledge for advanced air defence operations.

Our suite is more than a tool; it's a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technology and robust training methodologies—experience unparalleled realism in air traffic control and battle management tailored to your military needs. From rigorous training to sophisticated simulation environments, the BEST simulator suite is your ally in forging a new era of military aviation excellence.

Core capabilities of BEST for military organisations


Air Battle Management and Air Defence

Facilitates comprehensive training in airspace surveillance, monitoring, management, and intercept controlling. Essential for preparing personnel in advanced air defence tactics and strategies.


Consolidated military & civil simulation

Our bespoke military ATC simulation capability ensures accurate military ATC operations. BEST includes both military and civil ATC functionality, allowing organisations to simulate both in one environment.


Data analysis & performance evaluation

Incorporates advanced data analysis modules to evaluate training effectiveness and operational decisions, supporting continuous improvement and strategic planning.


Customisable simulation environments

Offers the ability to create and modify 3D airport models, airspace, and ATC procedures, allowing for tailored training scenarios and operational planning while maintaining full ownership of simulation data.


Cloud & fixed-base simulation options

Provides flexibility in training delivery through cloud-based and fixed-base simulations, ensuring accessibility and scalability to meet diverse training needs, whenever and wherever you need it.


Integrated military maritime operations

Extends training capabilities to maritime military operations, enhancing the realism of simulations for comprehensive military preparedness when planning for Out of Area operations at any location worldwide.

How does BEST benefit you?

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Emergency scenario training

Enables training in a all emergency scenarios and unusual situations, enhancing preparedness.

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Realistic air defence scenarios

Simulates complex air battle management and intercept procedures for authentic military training.

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Enhanced procedures

BEST provides specific military procedures including formations, fast jet manoeuvres, rotary wing traffic with underslung loads, drag chutes, arrester cables and jet barriers.


Flexible environment customisation

Allows tailoring of 3D models, airspace, and procedures to fit specific military needs.

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Advanced analysis and debriefing

Offers sophisticated tools for performance analysis and operational decision-making.

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Versatile training options

Provides both cloud-based and fixed-base simulations for diverse training environments.

Advanced air defence training

The BEST simulator suite offers sophisticated Air Battle Management capabilities, including airspace surveillance, intercept controlling, and management. Trainees can engage in realistic air defence scenarios, mastering skills essential for modern warfare. For simulator managers, there is flexibility to define airborne radar and air-to-air weapon characteristics, replicating operational equipment.

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Precision in formation control

BEST excels in simulating complex aircraft formations for military air traffic control. It supports creating all NATO-compliant formation types, from fast jets to rotary wings, enhancing controllers' ability to manage intricate aerial manoeuvres. This functionality is crucial for effective coordination and communication in fast-jet environments, ensuring safe and efficient handling of military aircraft in diverse operational scenarios.

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Maritime aviation integration

Expanding beyond aerial capabilities, BEST supports Maritime Military Aviation training. This feature provides simulation of on-ship manoeuvres, surface vessels with runway/helipad capabilities, and coordinated anti-submarine attack profiles. It's an invaluable tool for training in naval aviation operations, offering a comprehensive approach to military readiness on both land and sea.

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VSTOL Operations

The BEST simulator suite provides capability for the realistic simulation of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VSTOL) aircraft types. Simulator functionality determines what types of procedure the aircraft is undertaking and applies the correct performance profile to ensure correct operation for conventional or vertical / short take-off and landing manoeuvres.

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Flameout Procedures

BEST provides fully automated capability for the simulation of flameout / engine failure procedures. This functionality includes overhead (spiral) and straight in approaches, controller-controlled IMC engine failure procedures, and helicopter autorotation simulation.

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Support for military solutions

Micro Nav extends its expert support services specifically for military clients, ensuring operational excellence in the dynamic field of defence simulation. Our team, with deep expertise in Air Traffic Control and military simulations, provides advanced software maintenance and bespoke training tailored to the unique needs of military operations. From essential maintenance to comprehensive support, our flexible packages are designed to align with the rigorous demands and operational requirements of military aviation, ensuring smooth and efficient system performance in critical scenarios.

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Simulator training for defence personnel

Our training services for the BEST simulator suite are specifically engineered for defence and military personnel, combining product basics with advanced feature learning, and led by our experts which include former military controllers and air battle managers. Utilising our dedicated training studio, we mirror real-world military scenarios, enhancing the effectiveness of the learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in military operations, our on-site simulator training facilities offer an immersive environment for mastering the suite's functionalities, capabilities, and applications.


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